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As a parent, what should I do?

As a parent of a child with plagiocephaly, and knowing the proven well documented link between Flat Head Syndrome and developmental issues in children, what can you do to help?



For best results in using the Tiny Years Baby Pillow for prevention, it is recommended for the first 6 months of your child’s life. Even if your baby is not showing signs of Flat Head Syndrome, it is beneficial to use the Tiny Years Baby Pillow to increase the contact area and reduce the pressure placed on the baby’s head.
This will help to minimize the risk of a problem developing.




To correct an already established flat head, we recommend our unique two pronged approach.

1. Firstly, implement the Tiny Years Baby Pillow as early as possible with your child.

2. And secondly follow the advice and specific daily exercises to perform with your child, detailed in the exclusive video you receive when you purchase the Tiny Years Baby Pillow. Should your child have a neck restriction where they favor turning their head to one side, we also recommend seeing a Pediatric Chiropractor or Physiotherapist to help restore normal movement.

The earlier this strategy is implemented, the more likely there will be a positive outcome for your child.

Most Importantly

Finally, it is important to briefly mention once again that the most essential aspect of this approach, is to ensure your child develops normally.

It is important to understand that the RESEARCH suggests that it is not uncommon for a child’s flat head to remain, however if you perform the specifically designed exercises consistently through their first 12 months, then the research says that your child will develop normally.

For this reason, we highly recommend, to achieve the best clinical outcome for your child, make sure you consistently engage your child with the exercises and activities recommended in the video you receive on purchasing the Tiny Years Baby Pillow.

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