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I have been managing infants with flat head syndrome in my practice for over 30 years. On the suggestion of one of my colleagues, I have recently been recommending the TinyYears Baby Pillow for parents. I have found this pillow to be very effective in the management of this condition. I feel it is the best baby pillow on the market which is specifically designed to address plagiocephaly.

Dr John Pontey

With the alarming increase in positional skull deformities in the pediatric population, it is important that parents be made aware of the importance of infant repositioning and pillow design as a potentially effective means to address flat head syndrome. I have found that purpose designed pillows such as the TinyYears Baby Pillow to be an essential component of the overall management program with plagiocephaly.

Dr Bradley Grant

I have a 16 week old daughter who, in the first few weeks after birth developed an obvious flat spot on one side of the back of her head. I was very concerned and unsure of how to best manage the problem. A friend at playgroup suggested I have a look at the TinyYears pillow. She also mentioned that there may be developmental issues associated with this condition which really worried me. I would have to say I was a somewhat sceptical about the pillow making a difference. However, after just 4 weeks I have noticed a noticeable improvement in the flatness. My daughter also loves doing the exercises you recommend. I am so thankful that I found your website.

Mandy Blake