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What the research says about Flat Head Syndrome

Flat Head Syndrome and developmental delays

The current research points to the fact that there are potential neurological issues which may develop as a direct result of Flat Head Syndrome - but know that there are treatments available.

In this video, Pediatric Chiropractor Dr Glenn Maginness will go through just a small sample of some of the research available which clearly links Flat Head Syndrome to a large variety of potential health issues.

This is information we believe all parents should know. These delays can present as an infant who is not meeting developmental milestones like rolling, sitting, or crawling, or perhaps a school age child with learning difficulties or balance issues.

This research supports the fact that we need to be better in our management of infants with Flat Head Syndrome and is the reason Tiny Years was founded.
Over the last 35 years Dr Glenn has helped helped hundreds of concerned parents effectively treat and manage flat head syndrome in his practice. Dr. Glenn has an absolute passion for what he does as a Pediatric Chiropractor, and his mission with Tiny Years is to provide valuable, and research based resources for you as a parent so that any decisions you make relating to your child is done so from a position of knowledge and confidence, in the hope that it can guide you through a stressful time.